Grape Harvest at The Four Graces

The grape harvest has started!  Four Graces Vineyard, just a few steps down the street from us, began “running their grapes” last week.  Clark took that as his cue and ventured into the tasting room, having himself a little taste of the current offerings and a chat with the crew there.  According to Paul, Four Graces Tasting room manager, this year’s harvest is occurring later than last year’s, but actually falls more into the normal harvest time range.  Wine maker Mark Meyers thinks the grapes are very good this year with good sugar level and strong tannins.  So we will keep our fingers crossed for our dear neighborhood friends; friends that have so hospitably welcomed the vast majority of our bed and breakfast guests.  In turn, these guests have consistently raved about the amazing quality of Four Graces Wines!


Other noteworthy Four Graces news is their newly planted bloc of Chardonnay grapes at the Fox Farm Rd. vineyard—a first!  These vines replaced certain older vines that had become infested with Phylloxera, a plant aphid that attacks vine roots. This disease has plagued many area vineyards.  Looking at the bright side however, it will be fun to see what happens when the wine from these new grapes joins the the Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc on the Four Graces tasting flight.

In terms of current wine tasting, Paul declares that it has been a very busy summer.  We can attest to that, as we have yet to drive by and not see many cheery guests seated outdoors under the trees swirling their wine.  Of particular note is the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir which gets you a “rich bold finish” for a premium price.  Look for Four Graces new tasting room facility at their Doe Ridge vineyard which will begin pouring wine this November or early December!

Chelsie Rodgers