The Orchard Room

We ran out of family names. Franziska Suite, Wendelin Room and Katharina’s Cottage, our existing guest rooms, pay homage to Brigitte’s immigrant family from the former Yugoslavia; but it was only a threesome that made it through the arduous trek from war torn Europe to the U.S. So with the lack of any further ancestral names to choose from, our newest addition was named after the Orchard that grows directly across from the room’s French door entry. This spacious, rustic Northwest style accommodation, finished with reclaimed wood, features a king-size bed, large bathroom and views of beautifully landscaped gardens and a grove of hazelnut trees. With regard to the interior, we thought about installing a door on the closet, but decided that it would be better to see a “plumbing pipe and reclaimed wood shelf closet system” artistically fashioned. So, no closet door! Traditional indoor wall sconces didn’t hit the mark, so we mounted outdoor barn style lights above each nightstand. Housed in a separate building with a private entrance, the Orchard Room is but a short stroll from the main Log Lodge. Guests can easily meander between our common areas and their cozy sanctuary. Next to its coziness, blissful peace and quiet, what we love most about the Orchard Room is that it was created by family, friends, neighbors and local community: daughter Rachel designed the layout and installed flooring, Uncle Roland framed, neighbors Shari and Shari Jr. made it weather tight, Vanguard Electric and Hampton Plumbing of Newberg installed utilities, son Collin and business partner Todd Shelter NW( designed and crafted millwork finishings, son Nate and friend Chelsie (Todd’s wife) photographed, and many friends, neighbors and acquaintances thoughtfully toured the construction site, offering a variety of viewpoints/ opinions. Clark and Brigitte painted, cleaned, scheduled and scratched their foreheads a lot! 😅 So from the all of us…. we offer this labor of love as a Dundee Hills AVA get away destination!

Chelsie Rodgersaccommodation