Franziska Haus’ New Custom Crafted Hotel Soap! 


After 5 weeks of curing… Franziska Haus custom handcrafted specialty soaps are now ready to make their debut!  It all began earlier this year with a visit to Tanya and her shop Rough Cut Soap Company in Carlton.  As we entered Tanya’s boutique oasis, we were greeted with luscious scents and an enchanting visual display of soaps and sundries.  After venturing through the quaint retail space, we found our way to Rough Cut’s on-site manufacturing kitchen.  Here we were greeted with views of the botanical greenhouse just outside and thought to ourselves, “it can’t get more natural than this”!   Situating ourselves among the racks of curing soaps, potions, pots and pans, we began our creative endeavor.   

Tanya, Rachel and I sniffed and sniffed, drop after drop of essential oils in seemingly endless combinations.  We were determined to bring just the right product to Franziaka Haus guests.  These soaps, we all agreed, should echo our love of the gardens and our rustic log lodge setting.  Specifically, when breathing in the fragrant lather, one should experience herbal aromas that are clean, fresh and completely natural.  With this as our compass, our lab-coated threesome, along with the honest opinions of friends, neighbors and family, arrived at the winning formulation—a combined scent of spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, spirulina and kelp.  This sumptuous bouquet emanates from a nourishing emollient base of avocado, jojoba, castor, coconut and olive oils.  Each Franziska Haus bar is then crowned with a dusting of ground black walnut, dried yucca, wild pepper and wood betony.  The final rough cutting of the bar, well that is something Tanya has so artisanally perfected; a beautifully majestic, sculpted crest!